It IS possible to help your wakeful little one sleep better WITHOUT sleep training

(even if you feel like you’ve already tried everything!)

Here’s how I can help

Free Guide: 3 Evidence-Based Changes You Can Make Today To Help Your Little One Sleep Better WITHOUT Sleep Training. Click to get your copy!

Troubleshoot wakefulness + learn how to improve sleep, in less than a week! The perfect place to start (and may be all you need) if:

⭐ Your little one is 12+ weeks old
⭐ You’re feeling stressed or confused when it comes to sleep
⭐ You want get to the bottom of what’s causing the wakefulness AND learn how to make effective, evidence-based tweaks and changes to improve sleep

My unique flagship program is specifically designed to help very wakeful little ones sleep for longer stretches at night. May be exactly what you need if:

⭐ Your little one is 5+ months old and REALLY wakeful at night (waking frequently, or wide awake/restless for extended periods)
⭐ You’re exhausted, struggling to function and your #1 priority is to get to a place where the nights are restful & predictable ASAP

Everything you need to know about how to transition your little one away from feeding at night in a gentle and respectful way.

Does my baby have low sleep needs?

Night waking: How many times is ‘normal’ for babies to wake up at night?

I acknowledge the Turrbal, Yuggera and Waka Waka people as the ongoing custodians of the lands where Georgina May Sleep is based, to the north west of Meeanjin (Brisbane). I recognise their continuing connection to the lands and waters, and acknowledge that they never ceded sovereignty. Always was, always will be. I thank them for protecting the beautiful towering eucalypts, the native grasses, the families of birds, the reptiles, the insects, and the delightful wallabies and koalas (who inspire me every day with their responsive parenting practices!) over many thousands of generations. I am so incredibly grateful to be able to help parents around the world and do my bit to change the way society approaches sleep for the better from such a special – and magical – place. I pay my respects to Elders past and present, and extend my respects to all First Nations people visiting this website.

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