Is Your Baby Or Toddler VERY Wakeful At Night?


Maybe they're waking really frequently - every sleep cycle or more at some stage during the night - or they're awake, or really restless for extended periods?

And you're feeling completely exhausted, and need to do something...but you don't want to sleep train?


You've come to the right place!


I'm Georgina and I'm an evidence-based baby and toddler sleep educator.

I struggled through the first year of life with my little one, feeling anything from tired... to utterly exhausted! From day dot he was always more wakeful than other babies around us... and then at 9 months of age, he went through a major 'regression' and started waking 5, 6, 8, 10+ times a night - sometimes every sleep cycle! It was sleep deprivation on a whole new level.

Being a bit of a self-confessed research nut (and feeling totally bamboozled by much of the baby sleep information and advice out there), I decided to delve deeper. I was keen to understand more about what the evidence - the latest sleep science and research - said was 'normal' when it came to infant sleep, vs what may be considered excessive. I was keen to understand what caused excessive wakefulness, and whether there was anything more I could do to help my little one sleep better. 

What I discovered was a true revelation!

I could not believe how much misinformation is out there. There are so many ideas, beliefs and old wives tales swirling round in the babyverse that are not based on ANY evidence (and in many cases have been disproven by research). This misinformation causes parents so much unnecessary stress, anxiety and in many cases can even cause sleep problems.

During my investigations, I also came across an incredibly effective evidence-based physiological sleep solution that I was able to use to help my very wakeful little one fall asleep quickly, every time, and sleep for longer stretches at night, without any form of sleep training. 

And so I became passionate about sharing what I'd learnt with other parents so they too could stress less about sleep, and get the rest they need to enjoy life a whole lot more. 

I'm now an evidence-based baby and toddler sleep educator with a passion for helping parents of very wakeful babies and toddlers. Little ones who are more wakeful than average - and oftentimes so wakeful that their parents are struggling to function properly.

If this sounds like you, then I want you to know...


There is a light...

If you're keen to learn more, you have two options:

1.  The Baby Sleep Revolution Program


A comprehensive program specifically designed to teach parents how to help their very wakeful little one fall asleep quickly and sleep for longer stretches at night, without sleep training. This solution involves following a very specific process that aims to re-align the sleep systems in the body. Parents are able to remain responsive to their little one day and night (feeding to sleep and safe co-sleeping are both supported). 

May be perfect for you if: you have a very wakeful little one and you're struggling to function properly right now.  This program aims to help you quickly get to a place where the nights are restful and manageable. 


2.  The Desperately Seeking Sleep 5 Day Mini-Course


A wallet-friendly, short-but-mighty little course that helps parents understand the basics of sleep science - how sleep works and what the research tells us about night wakefulness - and arms them with a bunch of helpful evidence based changes they can make to improve settling and sleep, without any form of sleep training.

May be perfect for you if: you have a wakeful little one and you're feeling lost., confused or overwhelmed Maybe you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING, and nothing seems to work. You're keen to understand more about what the the evidence says, as well as what you may be able to do to help your little one sleep better (without sleep training).



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