I’d love to help you spend less time sleep-deprived & stressed

and more time enjoying life with your little one!

My baby was never the world’s best sleeper…

He was ‘colicky’ as a newborn, and always more wakeful than other babies around us. But up until he was nine months old, I’d been managing okay, thinking, “he’ll grow out of it soon enough”.

But then he went through a major sleep regression and started waking 5+ times every night. Sometimes every sleep cycle!

It was sleep deprivation on a whole new level 

The wakefulness continued until I eventually got to the point where I felt like I had nothing left to give.

My evenings were filled with dread. And my days were spent in survival mode, struggling to function

It got so bad that I became a danger to myself and my family: first I ran a red light while driving, then I went out and left the gas cooker burning for 6 hours straight.

It was scary stuff, and I knew I had to do something. I felt desperate.

But I didn’t want to sleep train

Because most of the conventional sleep advice – even the stuff from some of the ‘gentle’ sleep coaches – never really sat well with me. It just didn’t make a lot of sense – logically or intuitively.

Luckily, I’m a bit of a research nut by nature.

I also have a slightly obsessive curiosity for human biology and behaviour that began way back in my university days in Melbourne while studying psychology subjects and continued throughout my career where I led many large-scale research projects for big corporations.

So early on in my parenting journey (before my brain turned to mush) I became really curious about sleep.

And I’m so glad I did

Because the more and more I uncovered, the more shocked I became. I just couldn’t believe how much misinformation is out there. The babyverse is swirling with all these old wives’ tales, cultural ideas, opinions and beliefs about baby and toddler sleep that are not backed by any evidence whatsoever. And, in most cases, have actually been disproven by the latest learnings in sleep science, developmental psychology, and neuroscience.

During my investigations, I also came across a fascinating evidence-based solution for overcoming one of the most common causes of excessive night wakefulness in both adults and babies.

So when I became pretty sure my baby’s sleep deprivation wasn’t resolving itself any time soon, I decided to test this solution myself.

The results? Well, they changed our lives

After just two weeks, my little one was falling asleep quickly within minutes and staying asleep for decent stretches.

And I started to feel human again. I was able to function properly, be a much calmer and more present parent, and enjoy life with my little one a whole lot more.

It changed my whole outlook on sleep

And it got me wondering…

Why are we still being bombarded with opinion-based ideas and advice on baby and toddler sleep? 

And why are parents of very wakeful babies and toddlers still being told they have to choose between ‘cry-it-out’ or ‘wait-it-out’ by sleep trainers, sleep coaches and even some health professionals, when there’s actually a really effective, evidence-based alternative out there that could help their little one sleep for longer stretches at night, without sleep training?

A change was drastically needed, so I decided to be part of it

When my maternity leave ended, instead of going back to my day job, I dedicated every spare hour I could to researching, developing, and refining evidence-based resources and solutions to help parents struggling with wakefulness.

Fast forward a few years and I’m a baby and toddler sleep educator specialising in helping parents with very wakeful little ones.

My flagship program, Baby Sleep Revolution™, has already helped over a thousand parents who had been struggling with a lot of night wakefulness to feel more human again – with restful and predictable nights, and the energy to function properly and enjoy the days a whole lot more – without having to resort to sleep training.

And thousands more parents are now feeling a lot less stressed and much more confident about sleep, wakefulness and settling thanks to my evidence-based 5 Day Baby Sleep Mini-Course, downloadable guides, and free resources.

In my (spare!?) time, I’m also completing post-graduate studies (Graduate Diploma of Psychology) to stay up to date with the latest science & research insights.

I believe every parent struggling with a very wakeful baby or toddler needs access to effective, evidence-based solutions that can help them get the rest they need, while still being able to respond quickly and appropriately to their little one at night.

Our culture deserves a new approach to baby & toddler sleep.

As I help more and more parents, I also plan to re-invest a significant proportion of any profits into developing more resources, funding research in the field of baby and toddler sleep, and supporting charitable and not-for-profit organisations that are focused on helping to improve the lives of parents of little ones.

I’m really glad you’re here – I hope the information, tips, and solutions I share will help you stress less, feel more confident, and get some much-needed rest.

If you’re new here, download my free guide:

3 x Evidence-Based Changes You Can Make Today To Help Your Wakeful Little One Sleep Better WITHOUT Sleep Training

Want to improve sleep without sleep training? Here’s how I can help:


 Since joining the program, everything has changed. My baby went from 6-8 wakes a night to 0-1 wake ups without sleep training and without changing how I put her to sleep or where she sleeps.
The Baby Sleep Revolution™ Program

The Baby Sleep Revolution™ Program

Learn how to help your VERY wakeful little one sleep for longer stretches at night, without sleep training

My unique, flagship baby sleep program may be exactly what you need if your baby or toddler is 5+ months old and:

  • They’re VERY wakeful at night (waking frequently or awake/restless for extended periods) and you’re exhausted & struggling to function properly.
  • Your #1 priority is to help them sleep for longer stretches at night (and get the rest you need too!), without sleep training.
  • You want a proven, evidence-based step-by-step solution, customised to your little one’s individual needs, with personalised support and guidance to help you optimise sleep ASAP.

Specific challenges this program is designed to help with:

Frequent night waking Hourly waking False starts Split nights/extended night waking Restless/light sleepers Inconsistent sleep patterns

The 5 Day Baby Sleep Mini-Course

Troubleshoot wakefulness and learn how to improve sleep, in less than a week!

My evidence-based mini-course is the perfect place to start if your baby or toddler is 12+ weeks old and:

  • Sleep is making you feel stressed or confused.
  • The nights are manageable but you want to know why your LO is wakeful, and whether there’s anything (else) you can do to improve sleep without sleep training.
  • You want to be prepared for any future challenges (e.g. sleep ‘regressions’) so you can minimise wakefulness and avoid sleep training.
  • Or, you need to improve sleep, but you’re not sure you need the full Baby Sleep Revolution™ program, or your baby is younger than 5 months old.

Specific challenges the mini-course is designed to help with:

Sleep regressions/progressions Night waking Sleep resistance Short naps/catnapping Light sleepers Early waking Babies who don’t ‘fit’ typical wake-window or sleep guidelines Understanding biologically normal infant sleep

We’re enjoying our baby so much more!

Not only is this mini-course affordable, but it is the most informative resource out there for baby sleep. We have a lot less dread for nighttime now, and we’re enjoying our baby so much more. Best money ever spent!
The 5 Day Baby Sleep MIni-Course

Helpful & reassuring!

 This is a great read for anyone considering night weaning, it covers everything from start to finish.
Gentle Night Weaning Guide

Gentle Night Weaning Guide

Thinking about night weaning (gently)? My evidence-based downloadable guide may be the perfect starting point.

Designed to help you:

  • Gently and respectfully navigate the transition away from feeding your little one (breast/chest or bottle) during the night.
  • Understand what the evidence (science + research) says about night weaning so you can confidently make decisions about when to night wean, and how best to go about it.