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The 5 Day Baby Sleep Mini-Course

Troubleshoot wakefulness and learn how to improve sleep, in less than a week!

My evidence-based mini-course is the perfect place to start if your baby or toddler is 12+ weeks old and:

  • Sleep is making you feel stressed or confused.
  • The nights are manageable but you want to know why your LO is wakeful, and whether there’s anything (else) you can do to improve sleep without sleep training.
  • You want to be prepared for any future challenges (e.g. sleep ‘regressions’) so you can minimise wakefulness and avoid sleep training.
  • Or, you need to improve sleep, but you’re not sure you need the full Baby Sleep Revolution™ program, or your baby is younger than 5 months old.

Specific challenges the mini-course is designed to help with:

Sleep regressions/progressions Night waking Sleep resistance Short naps/catnapping Light sleepers Early waking Babies who don’t ‘fit’ typical wake-window or sleep guidelines Understanding biologically normal infant sleep

We’re enjoying our baby so much more!

Not only is this mini-course affordable, but it is the most informative resource out there for baby sleep. We have a lot less dread for nighttime now, and we’re enjoying our baby so much more. Best money ever spent!
The 5 Day Baby Sleep Mini-Course


 Since joining the program, everything has changed. My baby went from 6-8 wakes a night to 0-1 wake ups without sleep training and without changing how I put her to sleep or where she sleeps.
The Baby Sleep Revolution™ Program

The Baby Sleep Revolution™ Program

Learn how to help your VERY wakeful little one sleep for longer stretches at night, without sleep training

My unique, flagship Baby Sleep Revolution™ program may be exactly what you need if your baby or toddler is 5+ months old and:

  • They’re VERY wakeful at night (waking frequently or awake/restless for extended periods) and you’re exhausted & struggling to function properly.
  • Your #1 priority is to help them sleep for longer stretches at night (and get the rest you need too!), without sleep training.
  • You want a proven, evidence-based step-by-step solution, customised to your little one’s individual needs, with personalised support and guidance to help you optimise sleep ASAP.

Specific challenges this program is designed to help with:

Frequent night waking Hourly waking False starts Split nights/extended night waking Restless/light sleepers Inconsistent sleep patterns