This has to be one of the most common questions I get asked by parents!

So if you are wondering this too – here’s what I generally recommend:

In most cases, I recommend going with the 5 Day Baby Sleep Mini-Course – because for a lot of parents this is all they need. Especially if your main challenges are that you’re feeling really stressed, confused about sleep, if you’re struggling to work out why your little one is wakeful, and if you want to get your hands on some really effective, evidence based tweaks and changes you can make to help improve and support your little one’s sleep.

The Baby Sleep Revolution™ (BSR) program is the next step on from the Mini-Course.

Not everyone needs BSR, but some babies and toddlers are just wired a bit differently when it comes to sleep (often don’t need a lot of sleep / have low sleep needs) and need more support to regulate their sleep pattern. For these little ones, the tweaks and changes I share in the mini-course may help, but are not always enough to get to a place where the nights are consistently restful.

BSR is based on the same principles as the mini-course but involves following a unique step-by-step process designed to help you optimise your LOs sleep pattern so that they sleep soundly for decent stretches at night consistently going forward.

There are two main situations where I’d recommend skipping the mini-course and going straight to Baby Sleep Revolution™…

Firstly: if your baby or toddler is VERY wakeful at night and you’re really struggling to function properly

They might be waking really frequently (like hourly), or they might be wide awake or restless for extended periods at night and this wakefulness has been going on for some time – at least a few weeks, maybe a few months, or longer – either every night or on and off.

And you’ve ruled out possible health-related causes and so you’re feeling stuck. And really exhausted – the sleep deprivation is really affecting your health & well-being, your enjoyment of life, your ability to work, your relationships – and you just need to get sleep sorted asap.

Secondly: if you’ve already tried an evidence-based approach or solution that focuses on making changes to regulate the body’s sleep systems (sleep pressure / circadian rhythm)

So you’ve been doing things like getting up around the same time, having busy days with lots of exposure to daylight, and not forcing sleep etc. and you may have seen some glimpses of improvement, but then the nights have become wakeful again.

If this has been your experience, then I’m pretty confident that Baby Sleep Revolution™ should be able to help you! So many parents join the program in a similar position and have been able to get a really good improvement with the unique process I teach in BSR. So there is a light!

If either of these two situations sound similar to yours then I highly recommend having a look at the Baby Sleep Revolution™ program. Be sure to watch the video partway down the program page which explains more about how the program works and can help you to work out if it’s a good fit for you and your situation.

I hope this has helped give you some more clarity! If you’re still unsure, the 5 Day Baby Sleep Mini-Course is a great place to start (and may be all you need), and Baby Sleep Revolution™ will still be an option if you need it down the track.

If you have any other questions, be sure to check out my FAQs here.

Georgina x

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